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How do you value a start up?

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How To Value A Start Up?

"Thank you to our panelists, your insights were most valuable! "Venture Network Exco

Ian LessemRaj Naidu & Gerhard Prinsloo JNR

Host:   Wayne Berger

Take aways from our Panel Discussion:

When discussing valuation, it is crucial to define if the valuation is a Pre-Money or Post Money valuation.

It is also important to distinguish between Pre-Revenue and Post-Revenue. These terms have entirely different meanings relating to start up valuation.

What is the difference between Pre-Money and  Post-Money Valuation?


Critical concepts in valuation. Difference in timing of the valuation.

Pre- Money valuation: refers to the valuation prior to receiving outside financing or the latest round of financing.

Post-money valuation: is the valuation immediately after receiving capital injection .

What is the difference between Pre-Revenue and Post-Revenue?


Pre-Revenue: refers to a start up business that has not yet made any money.

Post-Revenue: refers to a start up business that has already received income from trading.

Dean Levitt: How to Value a Start up? 
Taking into account risk

Dean Levitt is the founder of Teacup Analytics. Raised on a 30-acre farm near Johannesburg, South Africa, Dean Levitt moved to the US in 1999 to pursue a career in music. Dean's previous company, Mad Mimi, was acquired by GoDaddy in 2014. Dean's current company, Teacup, makes AdWords effortless for small businesses. 

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